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DIC Offset printing ink

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SunLit® Legend

1. Description

SunLit Legend is an innovative sheetfed offset printing ink for paper and board. SunLit Legend is
applicable for publication, commercial, packaging and label printing on straight ahead presses.

2. Product features

SunLit Legend inks:
• are available as a 4 process colour offset ink set
• are based on vegetable and mineral oils
• are suitable to perform under challenging press room conditions such as high temperatures
• comply with the ISO 2846-1 and allow printing in accordance to the international standard norm ISO12647-2
• are drying by penetration and to a high degree by oxidation
• are free of cobalt based drying catalysts
• are highly pigmented
• are roller fresh
• are free of PTFE wax

3. Product Suitability

3.1 Applications

SunLit Legend is intended for use in paper and board offset printing. The ink is suitable for all types
and all sizes of straight ahead sheetfed offset printing machines.
The ink is not suitable for the following applications:
• Printing on foils and other non-absorbent substrates
• SunLit Legend Magenta and Yellow are not suitable for poster printing
• Food packaging applications without functional barrier
• Waterless offset printing
• Product shall not be used where the use of mineral oil is not advised

3.2 Substrates

SunLit Legend inks are suitable for the following substrates:
• any kind of matt/silk coated paper
• any kind of gloss coated paper
• any kind of uncoated paper (“offset paper”)
NB: The paper quality will influence the drying performance and the gloss of the print.

SunLit Legend Technical Data Sheet

3.3 Varnishability

Printed sheets with SunLit Legend can be overprinted either with an oil based overprint varnish or a
water based overprint varnish.
When applying inline UV coatings a suitable primer is mandatory. When offline UV coating is
applied, a water based primer is recommended or a waiting time of at least 48h is necessary.
The impact of the ink fastness has to be taken into consideration.

4. Colour Range

SunLit Legend is supplied as finished inks.
The following table sums up the light fastnesses and the resistances corresponding to the 4
process colours:
ISO 12040*
ISO 2836*
ISO 2836*
ISO 2836*
SUNLIT LEGEND Process Black LGD24 7 – – +
SUNLIT LEGEND Process Cyan LGD38 8 + + +
SUNLIT LEGEND Process Magenta LGD39 5 + + –
SUNLIT LEGEND Process Yellow G/S LGD41 5 + + +
* For more information regarding these standards, please contact your local SunChemical representative.

5. General Handling

5.1 Storage

SunLit Legend inks should be stored at ambient temperature between 5°C and 35°C. Under these
conditions SunLit Legend inks have a shelf life of at least 60 months in an unopened vacuum
packed tin.
Inks supplied in drums or pails should be used within 12 months after production. Drums and pails
having exceeded 12 months may be fit for purpose but must be inspected before usage. Critical is
the formation of skin where there is surface contact with air (oxygen). Minor appearance of skin
shall be removed provided that the ink underneath is skin-free. In either case, once the container is
opened, the ink should be worked off in a timely manner

5.2 Waste disposal

Waste disposal should be carried out in accordance with good industrial practice, observing all the
appropriate local, national and regional regulations and guidance.

6. Printing Conditions

6.1 Fount Solution

SunLit Legend does not require to be run with a special fount solution.
The quality of the water and the overall printing conditions has a strong impact on the choice of
fountain solution and the level of IPA required. Please consult our technical services for assistance.

6.2 Printing Plates

SunLit Legend can be run with any type of aluminium based printing plates (CtP plates,
conventional positive or negative plates).

6.3 Influence of IR drier

The use of IR drier is not recommended as it might lead to an increased tendency of set off in the
delivery pile.

6.4 Press cleaning

After having printed with SunLit Legend ink the press can be easily cleaned using standard press