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Primarily designed for use within the folding carton and corrugated
industry, and for other heavy applications. Permits high skid loads
with minimum dusting.

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Product Features
• Varn Anti Set-Off Powders are available in two series; Regular (uncoated) powders and CC (coated) powders,
each series comprising different grades for varying applications.
• The CC series of powders are micro-encapsulated with a slip agent which enhances the powder, increasing its
hydrophobic properties. They repel water and are attracted to the ink’s surface, giving better ‘set-off’ protection
and increased mileage.
• Varn CC spray powders are quite different in their working properties from the uncoated (or Regular) powders,
but both types perform well in all spray units, and because they resist humidity, they will not clog spray nozzles.
• Varn Regular Anti Set-0ff Powder is recommended for overprinting, coating and laminating.
• Varn Anti Set-Off Powders offer excellent health and safety benefits – being starch based, they are easily
ingested in the body. Varn Anti Set-Off Powders are certified GMO free as defined in European Directive
90/220/EEC, and are manufactured in a GMO free production plant ensuring no cross contamination can occur.

Advantages of Varn Anti Set-Off Powder
• Prevents ink set off and smearing.
• Even particle size manufacture without dust or irregularity.
• German BG (OH&S) approved (Varn CC20 and CC30).
• Made from non-GMO starches.
• Good flow characteristics, Varn CC powders are “qualified”
particles selected for their spherical shape.
• Economical to use.
• Will not clog air guns.
• Suitable for direct food contact.